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Pakistani President Meets with Yang Jiechi

On May 29, 2012, Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari held a meeting with visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi in Islamabad. Describing the Pakistan-China friendship as "all-weather" which has been passed on from generation to generation, Zardari said that he looks forward to visiting China again in the near future and holding talks with Chinese leaders so as to work with them to make historical contributions to the promotion of the Pakistan- China friendship.

He said that the Pakistani government and people are happy with the tremendous achievements China has made in its development and are grateful for the sincere support and generous assistance rendered by the Chinese government and people. The Pakistani people are making arduous efforts for a better future of their country and are looking forward to deepening the all-round cooperation with the Chinese side to bring greater benefits to the people of both countries, he said.

Yang conveyed Chinese President Hu Jintao's welcome for President Zardari to come to China to attend the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization next month and to pay a visit to China. He said that China and Pakistan are sincere and reliable friends and strategic partners. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 61 years ago, the friendly ties between the two countries have grown stronger despite changes in the international arena and in both countries, Yang said. The Chinese side is grateful for the precious support given by the Pakistani side to China over a long time on the issues concerning Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang and will continue, as it has always done, to firmly support Pakistan's efforts to uphold national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, he said. China will extend sincere and selfless support to Pakistan in its effort to maintain stability, boost economic development and create a sound external environment, he added. Yang said that the Chinese government will always regard and develop the China-Pakistan relationship from a strategic height and long-term perspective and is willing to work together with the Pakistani side for promoting the bilateral relations to a new height.

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