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Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping and US Vice President Joe Biden Visit the International Studies Learning Center (ISLC)

On February 17, 2012, local time, Vice President Xi Jinping, who was visiting the United States, and Vice President Joe Biden visited the International Studies Learning Center (ISLC) in Los Angeles and had a cordial conversation with the teachers and students.

When Xi Jinping and his party arrived at the school, Vice President Joe Biden, U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the head of the school were waiting in the front of the gate to greet him. The Chinese and foreign students of ISLC played Chinese traditional drums and danced dragon dances to warmly welcome the Chinese delegation. After the performance, Xi Jinping and Joe Biden entered the classroom, had interactions with students, and answered their questions on China-US relations, educational and cultural exchanges, Xi's personal career and study, and other aspects. The students presented to Xi Jinping and Joe Biden T-shirts printed with "Long Live China-US Friendship" written in both Chinese and English and their paintings.

Xi told the teachers and students that young people are the future of a country and education is the foundation of a nation. One important part of his trip is to come to the center to communicate with young students, promote mutual understanding and friendship between the young generations of the two countries, and create a better future for bilateral relations. He said that the visit to the center is a "finishing touch" to his wonderful trip to the United States.

Xi Jinping said that it is a traditional virtue in China to respect knowledge, respect talents, and respect teachers. The United States has well-developed educational system in the world. Education is also developing fast in China. China and the United States should continue to increase cooperation in the field of education to cultivate more useful talents for the development and progress of the two countries and foster successors for the great cause of friendship and cooperation between China and the United States. Youth is the best time of life. There is an old Chinese saying, which goes, "Idle young, needy old." The schooldays are the golden age of life. Students must aim high, cherish the glorious youth, study hard, and lay a solid basis for future achievements. "I hope that you aspire to become messengers of China-US friendship and contribute your wisdom and strength to the beautiful future for China-US relations," said Xi. He encouraged the students to learn the Chinese language well, learn more about China's history, appreciate the charm of Chinese culture, enhance the spiritual communication and exchanges with the Chinese people, particularly with the young students, and advance China-US cooperation.

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