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Wen Jiabao Attends the Fifth World Future Energy Summit Opening Ceremony and Delivers a Speech

On January 16, 2012, Premier Wen Jiabao attended the opening ceremony of the fifth World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi and delivered a speech.

Wen said that energy is the material basis of human civilization and progress as well as the indispensably essential conditions for the development of modern society. In recent years, green development has been burgeoning around the world. The focus is to reduce the excessive consumption of energy resources and pursue the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of economy, society and ecology. To that end, countries have made active explorations and China has made ​​unremitting efforts. We actively adjust the economic structure and intensify energy conservation; increase policy support to accelerate clean energy development; speed up the transformation of traditional industries and improve energy efficiency; promote the low-carbon lifestyle and green consumption. We are faced with numerous difficulties and will pay heavy cost, but we will never waver.

He pointed out that countries should take further actions and make greater efforts together to reduce the troubles and inequality caused by the issue of energy resources. First, countries should give priority to energy efficiency, promote the establishment of conservation-oriented production, living and consumption patterns, apply advanced technologies to enhance energy efficiency and develop the recycling and sustainable national economy with low input, high output, low energy consumption and low emission. Second, countries must vigorously develop renewable energy and clean energy. They should strengthen policy support, expand the application areas and gradually reduce costs in order to replace more fossil energy. Third, countries should actively promote energy revolution. Governments should increase investment to promote the demonstration projects and industrialization of innovative energy technologies. Developed countries should offer and transfer technologies to developing and underdeveloped countries under the premise of intellectual property rights protection. Fourth, energy security should be effectively guaranteed. Countries could consider establishing a global energy market governance mechanism composed of energy supply, consumption and transit countries within the G20 framework in line with the principle of mutual benefit. Fair, reasonable and binding international rules should be developed and early warning and forecast, price coordination, financial supervision and emergency mechanisms should be built through consultation and dialogue to make the global energy market more secure, stable and sustainable.

He noted that China always respects the choice made by West Asian and North African countries and people on their own and supports them to develop economy relying on their resource endowments and advantages. China will continue to work with people around the world to strengthen international cooperation, promote sustainable innovation, develop future energy and build a new world of green and sustainable development.

The World Future Energy Summit was initiated in January 2008. It is a large and influential international event in the sector of renewable energy. The theme this year is Powering Sustainable Innovation.

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