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Panamanian Embassy in China Opens in Beijing Wang Yi Attends Opening Ceremony

On November 16, 2017, Panamanian Embassy in China officially opened in Beijing. President Juan Carlos Varela of Panama and Foreign Minister Wang Yi jointly attended the opening ceremony.

Juan Carlos Varela said that Panamanian Embassy in China officially opened today, which is of historical significance. He was very pleased to realize the dream that he had held for ten years. The Panamanian side will abide by its commitments, firmly uphold the one-China policy and unswervingly develop friendly cooperative relations with China.

Wang Yi expressed that the decision made by President Juan Carlos Varela to establish diplomatic relations with China is a right one which can endure the test of history in that it is in line with the interests of the country, the nation and its people, as well as conforms to the trend of development and progress of the world. China and Panama have made new progress every day since the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations five months ago. It is believed that President Juan Carlos Varela's visit to China this time and the first historical meeting between the two heads of state will open up new and rosy prospects for China-Panama relations.

China and Panama officially established diplomatic relations on June 13, 2017. At the invitation of President Xi Jinping, President Juan Carlos Varela pays a state visit to China from November 16 to 22, 2017.

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