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Wang Yi: China and Panama Write New History Everyday

On the afternoon of November 16, 2017, the Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Residence Compound was decorated warmly with lanterns and streamers although it was chilly in the early winter in Beijing. Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the inauguration ceremony of the Panamanian Embassy in China with President Juan Carlos Varela of Panama, who was paying a state visit to China.

The guard battalion of President Juan Carlos Varela raised the national flag of Panama, as the Chinese military band respectively played the national anthems of China and Panama. It was the first time for the national flag of Panama to flutter in the sky of Beijing.

Wang Yi delivered a speech and expressed his warm congratulations on the inauguration of the Panamanian Embassy in China. Wang Yi said that when Mr. President Juan Carlos Varela setting out for China, he had told the media that he would participate in the inauguration ceremony of the Panamanian Embassy in China to realize one of his dreams. And we just witnessed the raising of the Panamanian national flag right here. So what I would like to say is that Mr. President, you have already realized your dream.

Wang Yi said that Mr. President had once told me his stories and experiences. He had determined to establish diplomatic relations and make a good friend with China during his first visit to China 10 years ago. We have noticed that after his inauguration, President Juan Carlos Varela has soon put the establishment of diplomatic relations with China on the agenda, and made a major political decision decisively. Two months ago, when paying my first visit to Panama, I felt the heartfelt delight and welcome from all walks of life in Panama for the establishment of diplomatic relations with China. Therefore, what I want to express here is that the decision made by President Juan Carlos Varela fully accords with the benefits of the country, the nation and people of Panama, and it is also in line with the global trend of development. This is a correct decision that will stand the test of time and history. Let us extend appreciation and pay the tribute to President Juan Carlos Varela of Panama.

Wang Yi expressed that although it has only been five months since China and Panama established diplomatic relations, the two countries have written new history and made new progress every day in this short period. And President Juan Carlos Varela's visit to China this time will culminate the new chapter that China and Panama have opened. Tomorrow, China and Panama will bring a surprise to the whole world by jointly signing nearly 20 mutually beneficial cooperation agreements involving multiple fields, which will rapidly propel China-Panama relations into a new stage of comprehensive cooperation. More importantly, President Juan Carlos Varela will hold a historic meeting with President Xi Jinping. I believe that the meeting of the heads of the two countries tomorrow will certainly create new prospects for China-Panama friendship and formulate a long-term plan for China-Panama cooperation.

Wang Yi said that President Juan Carlos Varela often mentioned the Panamanian dream, and President Xi Jinping frequently told the world about the Chinese dream as well. In fact, we have a shared dream to strive for the well-being of the people, the peace of the world, and the rejuvenation of the two countries and nations. We hope and believe that taking the establishment of China-Panama diplomatic relations as an opportunity, the people of the two countries will join hands to create a bright future and make new contributions to the peace and stability of the world.

President Juan Carlos Varela said that it is of historic significance that he paid this state visit to China as President of Panama for the first time and attended the inauguration ceremony of the Panamanian Embassy in China with Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Two months ago, the national flag of China was raised in Panama, the heart of the America, and today the national flag of Panama is fluttering in Beijing, the capital and heart of China. It is delightful that Panama has built close connections with the great people of China. We will keep our commitments, firmly adhere to the one-China policy and dedicate to developing friendly cooperative relations featuring mutual benefit and win-win results with China.

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