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7th Meeting of BRICS High Representatives for Security Issues Held in Beijing

On July 28, 2017, the 7th meeting of BRICS High Representatives for Security Issues was held at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. State Councilor Yang Jiechi chaired the meeting and Minister of State Security David Mahlobo of South Africa, Minister Sérgio Etchegoyen of the Office of Institutional Security of the Presidency of Brazil, Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev of the Russian Federation, and National Security Adviser Ajit Doval of India were present at the meeting.

Yang Jiechi expressed that over the past decade, BRICS cooperation has gone through an extraordinary road, becoming an important force for safeguarding world peace, promoting common development, improving global governance and pushing forward multilateralism. It has also forged a model of cooperation between emerging market economies and developing countries, as well as an example of the new type of international relations. Under the joint efforts of various parties, BRICS cooperation mechanism for political security is becoming increasingly mature with significant achievements, which fully embodies the strategic vision of the BRICS countries.

Yang Jiechi pointed out that the BRICS countries should look ahead and aim high, take forging of a community of common interests and a community of shared destiny for the BRICS countries as the goal, constantly enhance strategic mutual trust, and push forward practical cooperation in various fields. The BRICS countries should unite as one, strengthen policy coordination in major international and regional hotspot issues, send out the BRICS voice, and contribute the BRICS strength and wisdom. The BRICS countries should stick to justice, jointly safeguard the international orders based on the UN Charter, adhere to multilateralism, constantly improve global governance, push forward economic globalization towards openness, inclusiveness, common benefits, balance and win-win results. The BRICS countries should conduct win-win cooperation, vigorously carry forward the BRICS spirit, jointly forge the second golden decade of the BRICS cooperation, and make greater contributions to building a community of shared destiny for mankind.

Yang Jiechi stressed that the 9th BRICS summit will be held in Xiamen this September. China is willing to make joint efforts with all parties to well complete various preparations in the final phase, so as to push the summit for positive outcomes.

David Mahlobo, Sérgio Etchegoyen, Nikolai Patrushev, and Ajit Doval expressed that in recent years, BRICS cooperation in various fields has achieved important progress. All parties should enhance solidarity and coordination, consolidate the BRICS partnership, safeguard common interests, and play a greater leading role with more influence in international affairs. The BRICS countries should strengthen dialogues and cooperation in political security, cope with global challenges hand in hand, and jointly safeguard world peace and stability. Speaking highly of China's contributions to advancing BRICS cooperation as the BRICS presidency, representatives of the four countries expressed that they will actively cooperate with China to make good preparations for the BRICS summit in Xiamen and ensure the summit a complete success.

All parties exchanged in-depth views on global governance, anti-terrorism, cyber security, energy security, international and regional hotspot issues, national security and development and other topics, reaching extensive consensus. All parties agreed to constantly enhance the role of the mechanism of the meeting of BRICS High Representatives for Security Issues, and push forward the in-depth development of BRICS cooperation in political security. All parties agreed to commit to improving global governance, effectively coping with global threats and challenges, pushing forward international orders toward a fairer and more reasonable direction, and promoting the economic globalization to be more open, benefit-sharing, and inclusive. All parties agreed to strengthen communication and cooperation in anti-terrorism, cyber security, energy security and other fields, give play to the roles of meeting and consultation mechanisms at all levels, enhance communication and coordination in international and regional hotspot issues, and send out the BRICS voice. All parties agreed to enhance exchanges and cooperation among the BRICS countries to promote the security and development of the five countries.

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