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Vice Foreign Minister Cheng Guoping Presides over China-Indonesia Counter-terrorism Consultation
(From Chinese Embassy in Indonesia)

On December 16, 2013, Vice Foreign Minister Cheng Guoping led an inter-departmental delegation to visit Indonesia and held the bilateral counter-terrorism consultation with Ansyaad Mbai, Head of the National Counter-Terrorism Agency (BNPT) of Indonesia. Both sides had frank and friendly exchanges on such issues as international and regional counter-terrorism situation and the two countries’ counter-terrorism cooperation.

Cheng Guoping pointed out that at present, the international and regional counter-terrorism situation are undergoing profound and complex changes, and that the two countries are both facing different degrees of challenges on the issue of counter-terrorism. Enhancing counter-terrorism exchanges and cooperation between China and Indonesia not only benefits the security of the two countries, but also is conducive to the international and regional stability.

Mbai said that international terrorist forces pose severe challenges to the security of both the region and the two countries and seriously threaten the safety of people’s lives and property. Indonesia is willing to further strengthen the counter-terrorism cooperation with China to jointly crack down on the terrorist forces which threaten the region and the two countries.

After the consultation, the two sides signed the Summary on China-Indonesia Counter-terrorism Consultation.

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