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Yang Jiechi Proposes to Strengthen Transportation Security Cooperation among BRICS Countries

On December 6, 2013, State Councilor Yang Jiechi, during his attendance of the fourth Meeting of BRICS High Representatives for Security Issues in Cape Town, South Africa, pointed out that transportation security, especially the security of sea lines of communication serving as the lifelines of the economic development of all countries, is of great importance. At present, pirates haunt the main channels of sea transportation, especially in the Gulf of Guinea and the Somali waters. Defects and deficiencies in international transportation infrastructure construction, transportation security, international transportation system, global transportation chain and other links hinder the smooth and efficient operation of the international transportation.

Yang Jiechi suggested that BRICS countries jointly deal with piracy and other non-traditional security threats. First is to strengthen communication and coordination. BRICS countries shall conduct joint actions if necessary and explore ways of conducting capacity-building training in the coastal states in the name of BRICS countries. Second is to attach importance to the piracy issue in the Gulf of Guinea, and to support countries in the region to play a leading role. Third is to continuously push forward the international community to address symptoms and root causes of the privacy issue at the same time, eliminating its root causes on land.

In the maintenance of navigation rights and capacity building, Yang Jiechi stressed that the BRICS countries should increase cooperation in the International Maritime Organization and other multilateral mechanisms and actively participate in and guide the enactment of relevant international transportation rules. In the BRICS cooperation mechanism, the countries should also have exchanges of experience and conduct discussions and drills in shipping management, maritime search and rescue, seafarers' training and protection of their rights and other aspects.

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