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Yang Jiechi Proposes to Enhance Cyber and Information Security Cooperation among BRICS Countries

On December 6, 2013, State Councilor Yang Jiechi, while attending the Fourth Meeting of BRICS High Representatives for Security Issues in Cape Town, South Africa, said that cyber and information security bears on national security and social stability and presents a new comprehensive challenge to the international community. BRICS countries should jointly advocate the information security concept. Firstly, adherence to mutual trust. BRICS should maintain the peace and stability of the cyber space and stick to negotiation as the way to address the cyber disputes. Secondly, adherence to mutual benefit in security field. The BRICS should respect the interests of sovereign security of all members and would not damage other countries' political, economical, social, and cultural environment in any way. Thirdly, promotion of equality and joint management. It should be ensured that the network is fair and open, that all countries have the rights to participate in the building of the international orders and rules of the cyber space in an equal manner, and that a fair, democratic, and transparent international management mechanism of the Internet be established under the UN framework. Fourthly, enhancement of international coordination and cooperation to realize the "digital win-win results". All BRICS countries should strengthen the information sharing and technology exchanges and make greater efforts to provide "digital assistance" to developing countries.

Yang Jiechi suggested that BRICS countries should strengthen cyber security cooperation, establish a dialogue communication platform, discuss closer institutional arrangement, jointly guide the process of the formation of international rules, and support the proposal of "International Code of Conduct for Information Security" made by China, Russia and others.

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