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Chinese, Ivorian Leaders Exchange Congratulatory Messages to Mark 30th Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties
From Chinese Embassy in Cote d'lvoire

On March 2, 2013, Chinese President Hu Jintao exchanged congratulatory messages with Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara to mark the 30th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries.

H.E. Hu said that with mutual respect and equal treatment, development of the China-Cote d'Ivoire friendly cooperation remains healthy and stable since the establishment of the diplomatic relations. Both sides support each other over issues related to of significant concerns and maintain close coordination in international and regional affairs, Hu said, adding that the two countries' political mutual trust has continuously deepened over the decades. He said that China, taking the 30th anniversary as an opportunity, is willing to make joint efforts with the Cote d'Ivoire in continuously promoting the two countries' friendly cooperation for the benefit of the two peoples.

In his message, Ouattara said that the Cote d'Ivoire is satisfied with the high-level friendly cooperation between the two countries, and also is confident in a bright and fruitful future of China-Cote d'Ivoire relations. The Chinese side has been firmly supporting Cote d'Ivoire's peace and development, he said, adding that his country is ready to work with China in advancing the two countries' bilateral ties.

On the same day, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi exchanged congratulatory messages with his Ivorian counterpart Charles Koffi Diby.

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