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Wu Bangguo Meets Separately with Mongolian President and Prime Minister

On January 31, 2013, visiting chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress of China Wu Bangguo met separately with Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj and Prime Minister Noroviin Altanhuyag in the Government Palace of Mongolia.

In his meeting with Mongolian President Elbegdorj, Wu first conveyed the cordial greetings from President Hu Jintao and General Secretary Xi Jinping. Elbegdorj expressed his thanks and asked Wu to convey his good wishes to Hu and Xi.

Wu said that China and Mongolia are close neighbors linked by mountains and rivers. A good neighborly and friendly relationship, an inevitable choice for both, is in the fundamental interest of the two countries and the two peoples and is also conducive to regional peace, stability, and development. Under new circumstances, it is important for both countries to adopt a strategic vision for the general direction of the bilateral relationship, continually enhance strategic trust, and understand and support each other on major issues concerning the other’s sovereignty, security and development. Wu stated that China will stick unswervingly to the road of peaceful development, consolidate its good-neighborly policy, cement mutually beneficial cooperation, and strive to make the benefits of China's own development spill over to neighboring countries. China is glad to see that Mongolia enjoys a growing economy and a stable society and that its people live a happy life. He promised that China will, as always, respect Mongolia's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. China will also respect the development path as well as the domestic and foreign policies Mongolian people have independently chosen for themselves. China appreciates that the new Mongolian government identifies its relations with China as one of its foreign policy priorities, and China is ready to work with Mongolia to push forward their strategic partnership.

Lauding the friendly relations and pragmatic cooperation in various fields between China and Mongolia, Elbegdorj expressed gratitude for China's long-term support and assistance to his country's social and economic development. Mongolia, he said, attaches great importance to developing friendly relations and win-win cooperation with China. He hoped that the two countries could maintain high-level contacts, promote pragmatic cooperation in various fields, expand people-to-people exchanges, and enrich the connotations of their strategic partnership. Mongolia will firmly pursue the one-China policy, and understands and respects China's core interests.

In the meeting between Wu and Mongolian Prime Minister Noroviin Altanhuyag, the two sides held in-depth discussions on ways to beef up bilateral economic and trade cooperation. Wu said China and Mongolia share a long border and have highly complementary economies and a fine tradition of bilateral cooperation. Since both countries are in vital stages of development, bilateral cooperation holds a tremendous potential. The two countries, Wu proposed, should adopt a long-term perspective and pursue mutually beneficial cooperation aimed at common development. In compliance with their respective national development strategies, China and Mongolia should make the most of their competitive edge, build on existing cooperation in trade and expand cooperation in investment. They also should integrate mineral resources development, infrastructure construction and financial cooperation, and initiate and complete as quickly as possible large-scale projects that will set an example for future projects. Wu also voiced hopes that both sides should take full advantage of existing mechanisms of cooperation, strengthen coordination and communication, and improve their domestic legal and investment environment to ensure consistency in the implementation of policies and safeguard their business cooperation.

For his part, Altanhuyag fully agreed with Wu’s views, saying that Mongolia will take concrete steps to further its cooperation with China in such fields as mining, agriculture, animal husbandry, infrastructure construction and cross-border transportation. He added that his country welcomes and invites more investment from Chinese enterprises and is ready to create favorable conditions for Chinese investment.

In the afternoon after the meetings, Wu attended a ceremony to unveil the nameplate of the representative office of the Bank of China in Ulan Bator.

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