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China's First Manned Space Flight
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China Launched Its First Manned Spacecraft

China launched its first manned spacecraft - Shenzhou-5 on Oct 15, 2003, and the spaceship returned back to the earth successfully after its 21 hours journey in the space. China has become the third country in the world, which can independently carry out the manned space activities.
  Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center
  China's first space man Yang Liwei bids farewell to his colleagues.
  China launched its first manned spacecraft "Shenzhou V" from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center and sent its first astronaut to the space with "Long March CZ-2 F" carrier rocket at 9:00 am Beijing Time October 15.
  "Long March CZ-2 F" carrier rocket flying into the sky.
  "I feel good and my conditions are normal", says Yang in outer space.
  Yang displays China's national flag and the flag of the United Nations in outer space.
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