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Photo Album of the People's Republic of China 2001/2002

The Photo Album of the People's Republic of China has turned a new page as a year passed. Many major events of historic significance have taken place in China from the summer of 2001 to the first half of 2002. China became a full member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Beijing won the right to hold the 29th Summer Olympic Games in 2008. The Ninth APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting was successfully opened in China. All these events have brought about joy and encouragement for the Chinese people including those living abroad.

The year has seen a good start of the 10th five-year plan for the country's economic and social development. China's economy has maintained a fast development momentum despite the sluggish global economic growth. Meanwhile fresh progress has been made in developing socialist culture and ethics, democracy and legal system and other social undertakings.

Photo Album (Part 1)

Photo Album (Part 2)

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