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Ambassador Yang Houlan Met with Nepal, Former Prime Minister of Nepal

On 28, July, Ambassador Yang Houlan met with Nepal, Former Prime Minister and CPN-UML Committee Member of Nepal. The two sides held a talk on mutual interest.

Nepal said that Nepal and China are close friendly neighbors. Both sides have been understanding and trusting each other since the establishment of diplomatic ties 56 years ago. He paid a visit to China when he was the Prime Minister in 2009 and called on President Hu Jintao and other leaders. Both sides unanimously agreed to promote China-Nepal relations to a Comprehensive Partnership of Cooperation featuring ever-lasting friendship. He hoped that such a relation could be consolidated and developed under the common efforts of the two sides.

Ambassador Yang appreciated that Nepal devotes himself to China-Nepal friendship. He said that China is willing to collaborate with Nepal to implement the common understanding reached between the two leaders and promote the development of ever-lasting friendship of Comprehensive Partnership of Cooperation.

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