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Statement by the Chinese Embassy in Nepal

On the afternoon of May 12, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Aba Tibetans and Qiangs Autonomous Prefecture, in Sichuan Province of China. The massive natural disaster has caused enormous casualty and property loss. So far, the death toll in the earthquake has reached more than 14 thousand. Thousands of people were injured or trapped and several million houses and buildings collapsed in the disaster. Now the Chinese Government and people in the earthquake-hit region are making all-out efforts to fight against the disaster, and people from all ethic groups all over the country are also actively participating in the relief and rescue efforts. We have received messages from the Nepalese Government and other sectors of society to express concern about the earthquake and the condolence to people affected, which are greatly appreciated by the Chinese Government and people.

However, on the same day of the earthquake and yesterday, some Tibetans in Nepal, despite that they are also Chinese, continued the so-called protests and demonstration in the soil of Nepal. Hundreds of Tibetans carried out harassment in front of the Chinese Embassy, which they are doing almost everyday nowadays, severely disturbing the normal working order of the Embassy. Aba Prefecture is a residing area of several ethic groups, mainly Tibetans and Qiangs. These harassers ignored the pain of their compatriots and showed neither sympathy nor grief over the tragedy. On the contrary, they took pleasure in this misfortune and pressed on with their activities. Is that humane? Their activities will surely be spurned and cast aside by all Chinese people and all conscientious people in the world.

China's earthquake relief and rescue efforts have received the extensive support from the international community. However, some so-called international human rights organizations, in disregard of humanitarianism, overtly support activities aimed at "Tibet Independence" in Nepal. As long as the separatists for "Tibet Independence" started protests, they would definitely appear on the spot and give encouragement to such activities. We want to ask them, is this kind of behavior the protection of human rights you are advocating for? Is your presence in Nepal just aiming at supporting and protecting the so-called human rights of these separatists?

Nepal is one of the most friendly neighbors of China. We appreciate the solemn commitment made by the Nepalese Government on not allowing any anti-China activities taking place in Nepal, and believe that the traditional friendly relations between the two countries will not be affected.

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