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Remarks by the spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal

We are aware that recently the so-called "Nepal Tibetan Solidarity Forum" issued a press statement on The Himalayan Times by saying that the Chinese Government's suppression resulted in 209 Tibetans killed, over 1000 injured and 5972 arrested. This is totally groundless and deceptive.

People all know that, the Lhasa riot on March 14 was a criminal act of violence involving beating, smashing, looting and burning masterminded and implemented by a handful of "Tibet Independence" separatists aimed at disturbing and sabotaging Beijing Olympic Games under the instigation of Dalai clique's "Tibetan Government-in-Exile". It is not a "peaceful demonstration" at all. The riot resulted in the death of 18 innocent people, and injuries of more than 300 people. Many schools and shops were smashed up or burned down. Local police exercised great restraint and didn't carry any lethal weapons when dealing with the riot. On the contrary, one police died and more than 240 were injured, 23 in critical condition, as a result of attacks by rioters. Therefore, the aforesaid saying in the press statement was only to distort the facts. They fabricated lies to deceive the Tibetans home and abroad, instigate ethnic hatred, deceive the general public and defraud virtuous people of sympathy, which is of ulterior motives. Now, social order has been restored in Lhasa.

I would like to point out that the so-called "Nepal Tibetan Solidarity Forum" is an organization for "Tibet Independence". It attempts to undermine China-Nepal friendly relations by calling itself "Nepal Tibetan Solidarity Forum". Its purpose to be engaged in anti-China political activities is to split Tibet from China. Tibet is an inalienable part of China's territory since ancient times, which is a historic fact brooking no denial. Any attempt to split Tibet from China is doomed to failure.

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