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Mid-Autumn Festival, Good Season
----Speech by Ambassador Yu Hong at the “Share This Moonment, Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration”

Rt. Hon.Mr. Krishna Bahadur Mahara, Speaker of the House of Representatives of Nepal,

H.E. Mr. Krishna Prasad Devkota ,Secretary of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal,

Excellency Ambassadors,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good afternoon !

It is a great pleasure of mine to welcome you all to attend the “Share This Moonment, Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration” which is jointly organized by Chinese Culture Center in Nepal and the Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, originated in China in the 7th century, embodies the Chinese people’s worship on the moon in ancient times. The beautiful legends in Chinese culture add a bit of mystery to the Mid-Autumn Festival. At the same time, the Chinese people also metaphor the full and round moon as family reunion. As one Chinese traditional verse goes, “tonight people everywhere are looking at the same bright moon”, by which people express their feelings of missing their hometowns and loved folks, and pray for good harvest and happiness. Since ancient times, Chinese people have been keeping the traditional customs such as worshiping the moon, tasting mooncakes, and drinking osmanthus wine during their reunion in every Mid-Autumn Festival. After more than one thousand years of cultural baptism, cultural symbols such as reunion, peace, tranquility and homesickness have been given to the Mid-Autumn Festival and become one of the important features of Chinese culture.

Today, we celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together. The guests present here are national Chinese who are working in Nepal for the sake of China-Nepal friendship and the development of Nepal and cannot be reunited with their families on this special day, ambassadors who are from the countries with similar cultural traditions with China and Nepali friends who are committed to the friendship between China and Nepal and promote the cooperation in various fields of the two countries. Taking this opportunity, I wish, on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal, to extend my festive greetings to all the guests. I thank Hon. Mr. Mahara, Speaker of the House of Representatives and all the Nepali friends for sharing the joy of the festival with us. Today is also the Indra Jatra Festival in Nepal. Here, I extend my festival congratulations to all Nepali friends.

At this moment of celebrating harvest and reunion, we are also delighted over our respective development achievements of China and Nepal. The building of socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. Nepal has also completed three-tier elections, established the new government, and entered a new period of political stability and economic development. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 63 years ago, China-Nepal relations have achieved considerable development with the joint efforts of the people of the two countries, In particular, the two countries signed the MoU on Belt and Road Initiative in 2017 last year. The cooperation of the two countries have been making new progress in such areas as ports, roads, railways, aviation and communication connectivity, creating trans-Himalayan Multi-Dimensional connectivity network and developing bilateral cooperation of economy, trade and people-to-people and cultural exchange and tourism. Prime Minister Oli made a successful visit to China in June this year. Recently, Vice President Pun and Speaker Mahara attended the Western China International Fair and China Tibet Tourism and Culture Expo respectively. Mr. Prachanda, Chairman of Nepal Communist Party also visited China. The exchanges between enterprises, non-governmental organizations, media and think tanks of the two countries are very dynamic. I believe that the relations of the two countries will usher in another good time for a satisfactory and fruitful harvest with our joint efforts.

Finally, I welcome Qiandongnan Song and Dance Troupe from afar Guizhou province, China. Thank you for offering us performances to appease Chinese people’s homesickness and share Chinese culture with Nepali friends at the moment of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Guizhou province, as a mountainous and multi-ethnic central and western province of China, has many similarities with Nepal in terms of geographical location, topography and cultural diversity. In recent years, with the improvement of traffic conditions, Guizhou’s status as a transportation hub in the southwest of China is taking shape, and emerging industries are in the ascendant. Guizhou, taking the partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China on cultural exchanges between Nepal and China this year, has repeatedly introduced its characteristic culture to Nepal. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal, I extend thanks to Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture for its strong support for the cultural exchange between China and Nepal.

Last but not least, I wish all the guests a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Thank you.

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