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Ambassador Yu Hong attends the China Intangible Culture Week Opening Ceremony

On 22th June, 2017, the Opening Ceremony of China Intangible Culture Week was inaugurated in Kathmandu, Nepal. H. E. Ambassador of P. R. China, Ms. Yu Hong attended and addressed the Ceremony. Mr. Bidhya Sundar Shakya, Mayor of Kathmandu City, Mr. Xu Hengqiu, Deputy Director of Culture Broadcasting Film and Television Bureau of Tianjing along with other guests were present at the Ceremony.

Ambassador Yu highlighted that Chinese government pay high attention to the protection, heritage and innovation of intangible culture. She expressed her hope that more Nepali friends could understand Chinese intangible culture through variety of activities.

Mayor Shakya and Deputy Director Xu also addressed the ceremony.

China Intangible Culture Week will be held around the world successively. The theme of this year is "Heritage and Innovation-- China Intangible Culture".

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