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Chinese Ambassador Yang Houlan Meets with the President of Nepal Journalists Association

On 15 September, Chinese ambassador Yang Houlan met with Sakya, president of Nepal Journalists Association. The two sides held a talk on exchanges and cooperation in media and other fields..

Sakya said that Nepal Journalists Association has cooperated with All-China Journalists Association since 1980 and issued many publications on Nepal-China relations. The government and people of Nepal unswervingly pursue one-China policy. We are willing to deepen friendly exchanges and cooperation in various fields. Nepal Journalists Association will be committed to promote Nepal-China friendship in the future.

Yang expressed his gratitude on the long-term contribution in promoting China-Nepal relations. He said that China-Nepal relations have a good momentum of development. The two peoples share mutual understanding, mutual trust and mutual support, which is due to the hard work of the media. He hoped that Nepal Journalists Association could do coverage of China and China-Nepal relations in an objective and positive manner, and promote traditional China-Nepal friendship and comprehensive partnership of cooperation to move forward smoothly.

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