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Spokesperson of Foreign Ministry of China Liu Weimin's Remarks on Nepal's Major Breakthrough in the Peace Process

Q: Recently, major political parties in Nepal have reached consensus on the integration of former Maoist combatants, which is a major breakthrough in the peace process. How does China comment on this?

A: China welcomes the recent important achievement in Nepal's peace process. As a close neighbor, China sincerely hopes that major political parties in Nepal will continue to pursue political consensus through dialogues and negotiations to complete its peace and constitution-drafting processes at early date so as to realize political stability and economic development.

China attaches great importance to developing the friendly cooperative relationship with Nepal, and firmly supports the efforts made by the Nepalese side in upholding its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and in achieving peace, stability and prosperity. China will continue to provide assistance within its capacity to the economic and social development of Nepal.

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