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H.E. Ambassador Mr. Yang Houlan's Address at the Inauguration of Nepal-China Women Friendship Society
(December 9, 2011)

Respectable Ms. Purna Shova Chitrakar, Chairperson of Nepal China-Women Friendship Society,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,


Good evening.

It is my great pleasure to attend the inauguration ceremony of Nepal-China Women Friendship Society. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my warm congratulations to the establishment of Nepal-China Women Friendship Society, and my sincere thanks to all the participants here for your desire to promote China-Nepal Friendship.

There is a saying in China called “Women can hold up half of the sky.” China and Nepal are good neighbors linked by rivers and mountains. During the long history of friendly exchanges between us, women also play a significant role as “half of the sky.” As early as the 7th Century, Nepal’s Princess Bhrikuti crossed mountains and cliffs to marry with Chinese Tibetan Srongtsen Gampo, became the herald and model of friendly exchanges between our two countries. Today, Chinese and Nepalese women in all sectors continue to use their diligence and wisdom to make contributions to China-Nepal friendship. I hope the establishment of Nepal China Women Friendship Society will further push forward women’s friendly exchanges in various areas between China and Nepal, to promote China-Nepal relations comprehensively.

China and Nepal are good neighbors, good partners and good friends. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Nepal 56 years ago, no matter how the international and domestic situations changed, our bilateral relations have developed healthily, smoothly and comprehensively, the exchanges and contact in various areas such as politics, economy, culture and security have continued to deepen. Since I came to work in Nepal 6 months ago, wherever I go, I feel the sincere and deep friendship that Nepali people extended to Chinese. The deep people to people friendship is the solid foundation for our two countries to continuously expand the mutual exchanges and cooperation, is an extremely important part of bilateral relationship, and makes me fully confident about China-Nepal relations.

In order to continue to develop the China-Nepal friendly cooperation comprehensively, many Nepal–China friendship organizations in various forms established successively in Nepal, which makes the bright future of China-Nepal relations more clearly. I believe, these friendship organizations will become the engine to constantly enhance the China-Nepal comprehensive partnership of cooperation featuring everlasting friendship, just like the waves in Yangtze River the waves behind drive on those before.

At last, I wish all the success of Nepal-China Women Friendship Society and may China-Nepal friendship lasts forever!

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