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Interview with Ambassador Yang Houlan by Solidarity Magazine
September 18, 2011

1.    What is your first impression after your assignment in Nepal as an Ambassador?

It's been a short time since I assumed office as the Ambassador to Nepal. I get impressed by the solid basis among the societies and people of both countries for the friendship between China and Nepal. The people of the two countries respect, trust and support each other. I am fully confident that the comprehensive partnership of cooperation featuring ever-lasting friendship between the two sides will be further developed and improved.


2. How do you access situation in Nepal, after your meetings with VVIPs of Nepal?

As a friendly neighbor, friend and partner of Nepal, China has followed the progress of Nepal with good wishes. We respect the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Nepal. We respect and support the development path chosen by the Nepalese people for their country. Nepal is under the transition period, faced with two historical tasks, the peace process and constitution drafting. I have a faith that the people of Nepal who are bestowed with wisdom and diligence could finally realize state stability, economic development, national harmony and social progress.


3. What are your priorities in Nepal, when certain international forces are active in Nepal in favor of separatist elements in TAR?

We strongly oppose any forces to use the Nepal's territory to engage in any anti-China activities. We appreciate and think highly of Nepal's adherence to one-China policy. The government leaders and party leaders of Nepal have often reiterated that no force could be allowed to engage in anti-China activities in its territory.

It is noticed that the public opinion of Nepal is strongly against the Tibetan separatists who try to utilize the territory of Nepal to carry out anti-China activities, because such forces not only harm the interests of China, but also leave a harmful impact on the stability of Nepal. As a good neighbor of China, Nepal is believed to continue its support to China in the latter's core concern.


4. Should we expect your pro-active role considering Nepal's geo-political situation?

China and Nepal have long abode by the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, and treated each other as equals. The two sides have always enjoyed a high degree of mutual trust and sincere cooperation, and stood together in times of need. The Government of China has attached great importance to the friendship with Nepal and will work together with the Nepalese people from all walks of life to strengthen the pragmatic cooperation in all fields. China will continue its support in the development of Nepal, and also make contribution to the peace, stability and development of Asia.


5. Nepal is celebrating Tourism Year 2011. How China can help to bring more tourists from China, particularly from Lhasa to Nepal?

Firstly, I would like to express my best wish for the success of Tourism Year 2011 of Nepal. China has encouraged Chinese tourists to visit Nepal. According to the report of Nepalese Media, till the end of July of this year, there had been more than 33000 tourists coming from China to Nepal. China had become the second largest tourist source for Nepal.

There are several direct flights under operation between China and Nepal. The flights will probably be increased in a few years. It will provide convenience to Chinese tourists for their travel to Nepal. There are also many Chinese tourists coming to Nepal by land route via Lhasa. For the future, with the progress of crossing-boarder route ways, more and more Chinese tourists will come to Nepal by bus.


6. What is your specific message to our readers drawing your experience in Afghanistan?

Same as Nepal, Afghanistan is our friendly neighbor. In the past 30 years, Afghanistan has been in turmoil of frequent wars which has hindered the social and economic development of the country. Afghanistan is full of natural resources for development, and its people who are diligent and brave long for peace and prosperity. I have great hope and confidence in the future of Afghanistan.


7. Do you have any message on the auspicious occasion of National Day of China?

This year marks the 62th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. In the past 62 years, China has gone through tremendous changes. The comprehensive national strength has been increased; the Chinese people's life has been improved; the social construction has been advanced. China stands with an open and confident gesture on the world stage. However, there is still a long way to go for China in realization of its comprehensive modernization. In the coming years, China will concentrate its efforts on transforming economic pattern, adjusting economic structure, improving the people's livelihoods and pursuing a path of sustainable development. On its future foreign policy, China will uphold the banner of peace, development and cooperation, implement a strategy of opening up for mutual benefit and win-win situation, and participate in the efforts by the international community to build a harmonious world with lasting peace and common prosperity.

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