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Chinese Embassy to Nepal Yang Houlan Attends China-South Asia Friendship Organization's Forum

On 14 September, Chinese ambassador Yang Houlan attended the opening ceremony of China-South Asian Friendship Organization’s Forum. Nepal’s Prime Minister Bhattarai, General Gurung, Chief of the Nepal Army Staff, vice chairman of Constitute Assembly Subeti and South Asian countries’ ambassadors in Nepal attended the activity.

Yang reviewed China and South Asia countries friendly relations and exchanges, and stated that the cooperation in trade, economy and tourism between the two sides have been grown fast, which is showing a good development momentum. China will continue to work with South Asia countries to play a constructive role in this region’s stability and development.

Hon. Prime Minister Bhattarai celebrated the forum on behalf of the government and himself. He said that the 1st China-South Asia Friendship Organization’s Forum was held in Beijing in 2009, which made active contributions to friendly relations among China and South Asia. Bhattarai stated that as the world’s second largest economy, China is Nepal’s most important neighbor. As a bridge that links China and India, Nepal enjoys the special favor of nature in geographic proximity. The government of Nepal will make efforts to promote peace and constitutional making process.

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