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H.E. Ambassador Yang Houlan Attended a Seminar on Nepal - China relation: Past, Present and Future


     On 1, August, on the occasion of 56th Anniversary of Establishment of Diplomatic Ties between China and Nepal, the World Culture Net of Nepal hosted Intensive Multi-Perspective Seminar on Nepal-China Relations: Past, Present and Future. Prime Minister Khanal, Home Secretary Paudel, Ambassador Yang Houlan, the visiting Deputy Director Jing Dunquan of Chinese People’s Association for Friendship Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) and more than 200 people attended the program.

     Mr. Jing said that China and Nepal have kept friendly relations for thousand years. Over 56 years of Establishment of Diplomatic Ties, the bilateral relations have withstood changes of the international situation, the cooperation in politics, economy and culture, and have been keeping sustainable development. As the biggest friendly non-governmental association in China, CPAFFC would be committed to promoting China-Nepal people-to-people exchanges and cooperation, and strengthen understanding and friendship between two peoples.

     Ambassador Yang Houlan summarized three reasons why the biliteral relations have been keeping a sound and smooth development. The first reason is that China-Nepal friendship is historic and broad-based; the second one is that China and Nepal share mutual respect and treat each other equally; the third one is that we take care of each other's core concerns. He spoke highly of the current situation of China-Nepal relations and said that along with Nepal’s peace and stability, the bilateral relations will face greater opportunities. China is willing to work jointly with Nepal to make more contributions for the whole world’s peace, stability and prosperity.

     Prime Minister Kanel reviewed the time-honored history of Nepal-China friendship; he said that the two countries have been developing friendly and cooperative relations based on the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence since the establishment of diplomatic ties 56 years ago. No matter how the international situation changed, both sides have been supporting and cooperating with each other. Nepal pursues the one-China policy unswervingly, and will not allow any forces use its territory to engage in anti-China activities. Now, China has gained fast economic development; its prestige in the world has grown steadily; as a friendly neighbor, Nepal is proud of it. He hoped that China could continue to support Nepal’s economic and social development. He also wished China could enjoy more prosperity.

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